Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15

Sunrise from the yoga chala this morning:

Sometimes, walking up the path to my tent, I am cloaked in a spider’s web if I am not careful. It will cover my shoulders from the front like a scarf thrown around elegantly from front to back.

At night there are a whole different group of spiders that come out. Cordelia (our green spider friend) is one of them. I noticed a night or two after getting here, that as I walk up the path toward my tent at night there are bright glimmering lights everywhere on the ground, like the special diamond glints on snow. You know how all the snow sparkles, but some glints really stick out at you because they shine in a whole different light? Well, the dew drops do that here… or so I thought at first. When I looked closer, and really followed each of those shimmering balls of dew to their source I realized that they are spider eyes, shining at me from the grasses. I taught Maggie about this (which she found equally cool), and she taught Keren (who is normally not the biggest fan of spiders). Now every night when I walk up to my tent I take notice of where the spiders hang out. There is really no rhyme or reason to it… they are everywhere. Sometimes their glimmering eyes even shoot across the path as they run.

Maggie also mentioned (casually) this morning that she saw a tarantula in the bathroom last night. And tonight when we went to check, there he was! He lives in the corner by the brooms, nestled into his little spider lair in the rocks of the wall. He is so cool, and fairly shy. I wonder what we should name him… perhaps Russel?

We also found this guy... is he a cockroach?
Today, we went into town to do some brief emailing and errands before picking up Sasha, who arrived to join our group (also from Portland, ME!).

Here is Marcelo sitting across from me at Esso as we both use their WIFI...
We all enjoyed showing her the ‘ropes’ around the farm this afternoon. We spent nearly all of dinner laughing, mostly at the dynamics of Kim and Karen and myself, but also at the various songs we could think of that might be relevant to what we were talking about (ie. Tortillas, tamales, unicorns…). Now we are 7… I think it’s going to be fun.

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