Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28

A breakfast balancing feat:Such things must be done since breakfast in Argentina's hostels is never balanced. We are given coffee, bread, ladies' fingers, dulce de leche, jam, and some form of margarine that looks, feels, and tastes more like Crisco than butter. Delicious. So, in lieu of most of that, we bought fruit from the market for breakfast every morning, and sometimes enjoyed ladies' fingers dipped in dulce de leche as well. (When in Rome...)

We had all planned to leave today, but because there are only two buses that go to Obera each day, and we have already missed one of them (and we'd really like to go to the geode mines in Wanda) we decided to stay.

Keren is leaving this afternoon, so we spent the morning walking around town, looking at shops, enjoying the day. It has been so hot and muggy in Iguazu compared to home, and the clouds have been welcome!

Kayla, Keren, and I found the Brazilian market, full of olives and dried tomatoes, sausages,

and meat dripping on grills, and decided to return later for lunch.

It was a bit off the beaten path, and packed with locals, so we knew it would be good.

While Keren drank coffee and read her book, Kayla and I walked to los tres fronteras (the three borders), a place that the people that run our hostel told us about. Here is one of the cobbled streets on our walk:
and some of my favorite wild leaves I saw... aren't they beautiful?
Looking over two rivers (Rio Parana and Rio de Iguazu) from one tip of Argentina, you can see Paraguay on the left and Brazil to the right. So cool!
There were people of native descent making and selling various artistic goods there to tourists...
And some not-to-be-missed photographic opportunities (joking)...
On our walk we also saw tiny flowers hanging on trees in bloom:
and this ginormous tree that we nearly missed had Kayla not seen it hiding behind this store! I wonder what kind it is...
Our lunch was lovely, consisting of a big plate of stewed squash and meat.

The rest of the day was relaxed, and we bought empanadas for supper from the market and went to bed early.
Tomorrow we go home, and while it has been fun to see a new part of the country, I am so ready to go back to the peace of the jungle and home!

Here is Sasha, exploring a giant wood carving in one of the parks:
I wonder what it will be like to return to a whole new set of interns. Keren has gone, and there will be five new faces at Mama Roja when we arrive. Lots is changing, which makes me both excited and apprehensive. But I know it's good. Here we go!

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