Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 26

I woke up to the sound of a man who walked onto the bus with a large basket. He was yelling "Chipas! Chipas! Chipas! Quatro por cinco!" I bought some from him because I want to support him, they are dirt cheap (that's about 30 cents each), and I knew we might get hungry before we arrived in Iguazu. Chipas are delicious chewy rolls made with mandioca flour and cheese.

We have found our way to El Guembe Hostel, a friendly place that's close to everything but off the beaten path.
We have our own room, so we don't need to worry about our things being stolen, which is nice. It's hot here today, and we've decided to spend the day relaxing, napping, swimming, and exploring before going out dancing tonight. Tomorrow we will go to the falls!
Iguazu is somewhat smaller than Obera, and full of tourists. We have been enjoying making a game of guessing where people are from when we see them from a distance. It's surprisingly hard! Ethnicity and clothing are not give-aways very often, and we usually have to wait until we hear them speak to have much of a clue.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Wok Grill, and had wine and snacks. I had fries with eggs, per Jon's suggestion, and they were incredible (of course!)... Mmmm!

We did go out into the evening, but three of us folded before the 2-3am hour when things in Argentina really get lively. Maggie and Sasha have gone out dancing... The rest of us are content to head to sleep though. It's nearly 2am, and we're tired!

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