Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5

New visual treats, courtesy of the rain:
Today is Mama Roja Love Day, as is every Saturday. We spent the morning doing chores around the site- collecting dry matter for the compost heap, chopping wood, and cleaning the kitchen surfaces. Kim went into town to get food for our week, and returned with heaps of fruits and vegetables which we piled into the screened shelves. Marcelo made us a beautiful lunch as we listened to music and did our chores, followed by a swim/bathe in the river. We ate lunch and talked about whether it’s insulting to call ourselves ‘Americans’ or not (here in Argentina we are ‘Estadounidenses’ because everyone is American technically- North, Central, and South). I remember this debate from when I lived in Mexico years ago. The sky has opened up this afternoon, and the rains are among the hardest I have ever experienced.

The effect of the rain is more dramatic here though, because we are sitting under a metal roof, so the sound is booming. I can hear the river running wildly below, filled with rain again. We imagine that the nearly clear water we saw before lunch will be red once again, for a few days. I am kindof itching to walk up and down the road in search of crystals and geodes exposed in the rain, but the thunder and the excitement of my current book (the Celestine Prophecy) are keeping me here in the kitchen for siesta, along with my other amigas.

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  1. I like that they call us Estadounidenses, that makes sense! Your blog is wonderful, so descriptive. And we know how much work it is, so it's greatly appreciated!