Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

Apparently our days “off” are Tuesdays and Fridays. For the next few days we are going to be taking it easy though. It has been the most beautiful, sunny day. We walked up the river to the waterfall this morning after having a brief tour of Kim and Marcelo’s house and the chicken coops.
It is so gentle here, listening to the river flow constantly. We got up and had breakfast at 7:15. Marcelo blew the horn to let us know it was ready. The butterflies and spiders here are amazing.

If you are still, the butterflies will happily crawl up onto your hand, or land on you.
Marcelo says they like the taste of our sweat.

One butterfly is so huge and blue… it looks sort-of like an angel.They fly around everywhere, in the forest, in the fields.

We are staying on 78 acres of jungle, and it feels like heaven.

Two rivers converge here. Kim says that they have seen river otters here on the property. Mucking around in the riverbed that goes over the driveway today we found a bunch of crystals. They are everywhere, just like Jon said!
It makes me wonder if this place is full of fairies… assuming they exist. Why wouldn’t they?

I am in love with the dog Lulu, who presses her forehead into mine. She walked me back to my tent site last night, so sweetly.
And the little kitten Conan the Barbarian gets on my lap and mealtimes and I pet him mindlessly as I eat. He is soft like puppy ears.

We have siesta every afternoon for a couple of hours at least, and today I am sitting in the dining room, one table used for art, and the other used for mealtimes. I am one of four interns so far… the fifth arrives in mid-february.

It’s a very female-centric group, and it feels fun… but we all thought it would be wonderful if Jon was back here too. Marcelo said he was his favorite.
I was walking back to the campsite to change this morning, and thought to myself that this is so essential. Why live that life when I could live like this? I also heard Kim say that the last few months have been the first time they can focus on doing pretty things, art, weaving epiphytes like orchids and bromeliads into the trees near our site. They have been doing this for 2 1/2 years, and it has been so busy until now. So I know it’s not all easy… but gosh, the peace feels nice. Sleeping outside every night feels like heaven. The sound of the birds and insects and river are so soothing. And having other simpatico people to share time with is so refreshing. It’s truly such a blessing to be here- aaah, how amazing!

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