Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 31

Earlier today Marcelo told me that I am shy to speak Spanish. I didn’t realize that was how I come across, because I feel like I’ve been trying to speak a lot, especially during this weekend away. As he went on to help explain building with mud to the new interns, I continued laying bricks with cement along with Marcos. It gave me a chance to speak more, as Marcos doesn’t speak English, and we managed to communicate just fine, both about the project we were working on, and also about family and travels. It feels exciting to have a chance to practice, and I definitely feel like I understand more and can speak more too. The weekend away was so helpful!
Lulu and her morning gravy stick:
Jo and Lulu, having a morning cuddle:
Marisa, making cobb for Marcelo and Kim's house:
When Maggie got here she wanted to see the butterflies more closely. She did a little manifestation that they'd come to her, and ever since she has had little tag-alongs everywhere she goes.
Here is my favorite butterfly of the moment... its iridescence gets me!
Rambo, and his medicinal mud tongue:
The new gang:
Our new little garden starts (repollo rojo: red cabbage)...
The blissful wife beans are doing well!
The remains of the sweat lodge:
Papaya flowers smell so delicate and lovely, like a gentle version of lily of the valley!
This afternoon we worked in the garden, double-digging to extend three of the beds, and planting garlic around the perimeter of other beds to keep pests out (and contribute to the deliciousness of next year’s food supply). What a clever idea!
This crazy bee relative (who is iridescent turquoise and orangey-yellow) was dragging this spider back to his lair. The spider was much bigger than him, and appeared to be dead... I wonder if he was dead or just stunned? Either way, it was an interesting sight as he dragged him across the path by the tool shed this afternoon...
These grasshoppers are EVERYWHERE in the garden!
We found this very cool spider web in the garden today:

After work today I did some craniosacral work on Kimberly because one of the vertebrae in her back has been hurting her. It was amazing to do this again, after so much time away. I am always impressed by how well things move and flow when I follow my intuition, and I get good feedback from those I work on too! By the end of the session we both felt better, energized. And we emerged from her house to find Marcelo, home from town with their new bicycle-powered washing machine! They found someone who would build it for them, and they have been waiting patiently for months… and now it’s here. We’re all so excited to see how it works!

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  1. Your amazing blog puts me right back there with you. I *LOVE* seeing the repollo rojo and the blissful wife beans! Aah! All that happy, healthy, gorgeous growth. What a beautiful group. Cj got a mandolin today and is teaching me the basics of how to play. We will have a fire and sing songs to Mama Roja from Seattle. Sending you a lotta love!