Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 56

It has been so nice to have Jon here! It's raining today, so we're all taking it easy... Here's Jess, getting ready to serve up a hot breakfast of delicious kitten...And an amazing golden crysalis that Marisa found near the shala... I wonder who used to be inside?
This guy was evading the camera...
And so was this guy...
Yesterday, Marcelo showed us how to make maté cocido (cooked maté), and I have been dreaming of it since. Oh my gosh, how many wonderful ways there are to enjoy this drink! In order to make it, you sweep some red hot coals into a pitcher, pour a few spoons full of sugar (about 1/3 cup) over the coals and some maté leaves too (1/2 cup), and shake it all up well. Then, pour hot water over that to fill the pitcher (about 1 liter), and put it on to boil. Once it boils, it's ready to drink... smoky, sweet, delicious.
Jon and I went on a crystal hunt today after the rain we've had. We found many crystals and also some other fun things like these flowers, which are all spirals, wound together.
We also walked up to Jon's field and waited for critters to appear. We saw a number of insects, and a few birds too, but no snakes or lizards like we had hoped... We did have fun sticking plant burrs on each other while we waited though...
In the jungle, it's a must to carry your machete everywhere, just in case you need to hack a path, or poke at anything that is too far away to reach easily...
Caterpillars are coming back!
Look at this little ginger fuzz head! I've never seen anything quite like him...
Funny caterpillars, funny world.

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    Happy Spring! This weekend I was thinking of you as I did spring cleaning and processed all the tinctures we made in 10/2009! So long ago! I divided them into two nice little stashes with nice new labels. Can't wait to make more goodies with you. :)

    So glad you are enjoying your time with Jon there. What a comfort, I bet. :)

    Ashley and I took our super cute new bikes around the Eastern Prom and Back Cove. I am happily sore and tired.

    Can't wait to see you!
    Love you so,