Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 46

This morning we chatted together in the shala and packed slowly. After lunch Jess, Marisa, Kim and I left on a bus for Alem. We'll be spending the weekend at a healing retreat center called Opaybo. Maman and her husband are from Spain. They bought this place in shambles four years ago, and have created an open, peaceful home full of beauty and interest. This is Pepé the peacock... he lives here too (he likes to look at his own reflection in the sliding glass doors!)
They also have four emu chicks who run around the lawn, keeping the grass short and catching any insect pests that dare to cross the fence. This little fuzz head was my favorite!
They have four horses...
and are surrounded by natural beauty. These flowers especially piqued my interest.
As did the brilliant colors Maman has painted everywhere!
They have built many of their own benches, chairs, and tables out of wood from the farm...
This is where we'll be sleeping: on the upstairs porch- the birthing porch! There is a birth tub up here in case someone wants to use it while in labor...Beauty everywhere you look!
They lead people through lots of fasting and raw food dieting while here in an effort to help the body heal. Maman and her husband (who is a doctor from the basque country) believe that any ill in the body will heal if you remove the obstacles to cure by eating right and resting.
Many of the veggies eaten here are also grown here in their gardens! Marcelo's dad built these squash storage shelves during his stay...
They have been making their own bricks for building projects... something we are hoping to see more of while here.
The moon will be full tomorrow... the harvest moon. We're coming into fall. The chilly nights make me want to sew corduroy skirts and cuddle up with soft sweaters.

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