Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 49

Our resident dolphin is leaving us! (To be fair, she did stay three weeks longer than she had planned to... but still, I protest!)
It being our first day back after our weekend away, we spent the morning doing Mama Roja Love Day activities: deep-cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the shala floor, collecting and chopping wood for the oven and campfire, picking up a new load of bricks.

Here is one of Jess' amazing pictures from our jungle photo shoot (remember Sasha was water and I was fire?)After our morning work Sash and I made lunch and dinner with Kimberly: we made a feast that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Hi everyone!
Last Dinner was delicious: fried bananas, cucumbers, lentil burgers with avocado, sauerkraut, and cheese that we made!
We also made a delicious vegan chocolate cake with chocolate sauce... oh, heck yeah!
A bunch of us created a scavenger hunt for Mags and Sash, and we all had the best time searching the farm in the dark, following them as they solved riddles and sought new clues. The treasure at the end was an amazing dulce de leche cake that Marisa and Coop bought in town yesterday.
We stayed up late into the night around the campfire singing and laughing and talking and hugging.
Maggie, Sash, Marisa, and I even went down to the river to take a moonlit solstice swim. We walked naked back to the fire, and got warm again before cozying into our beds.
Tomorrow they leave... I wonder what things on the farm will feel like then. Oh, change... so challenging, so beautiful.

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