Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 54

Today feels heavy as I get ready for everyone to leave tomorrow. Why is transition so hard?The energy flying around here is somewhat frantic and excited and strange.

We finished mudding Kim and Marcelo’s house this morning, and then put together a new mix with extra cow poop and sand. We will let it ferment for a while, and then use it as plaster. Apparently if it ferments it works even better… I cannot remember how or why, but really… why not? (On a side note, I bet that fermented cow poop that Paulina has from her biodigester at Chakra Suiza would make great cobb mix and plaster!)

We had the rest of the day off to do what we wished. Jo and I helped Kimberly make lunch. After lunch I finished my book, took a good long soak in the stream with Jess and Marisa, and then did some craniosacral with Jess in the shala. We all played cards, and spent time hanging out together until dinner. It’s hard to believe that four of our members are leaving tomorrow. And Jon is arriving! I know we will probably all see each other at the Rainbow Gathering later in the week, but it still feels poignant that our time together is winding down so quickly.

I think this part of the internship here might be the hardest- getting used to all the change at the end of each month. Saying goodbye to some friends, and then embracing new ones as we figure out our new dance around the farm together. I am so excited to that Jon will be part of that! I wonder what things will be like when the new internship starts at the end of this week… oh gosh. Here we go!


  1. Hey! Now that I'm completely sucked in to the story, Where can I read the next installment? Or are you too busy livin' and lovin' to write now? ;-)

  2. Oh, I know... I have been HORRIBLE these last two weeks! But it's coming... slowly, but surely. Sending you and all the nature spirits my love from the southern hemisphere!