Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 47

The sunrise this morning threw beautiful colors on the wall behind me as I sat watching...A delicious fruity breakfast! We also had a dinner of fruit last night. Nothing but heaps of fruits before us. No silverware, just plates. We ate mango, bananas, peaches and nectarines, plums, apples, pineapple... sitting around a table on the porch, listening to the bugs around, feeling the cool night breeze. I was stunned quiet by the rapid-fire spanish conversation all around me. I think I caught about 20%... but that's just a guess.

Anyway, we started the morning the same way, and it felt so good!
I'm still completely in love with the vibrant colors and artwork here. I stalk the lighting in rooms, camera in hand...
So, today our charge is mudding the first layer of their outdoor bathroom. It's called a 'casita' though (little house)... I'm guessing because it's so huge!

They made this fancy crank that mixes the cobb for us (or brick mix, or mortar, depending on what is needed...) using horse power...
Here are their own bricks, drying in the sun...
After our cobb is mixed we wheel it down to the casita, and go to town throwing mud balls and smooshing them into place...
It's coming along!
It has been SO hot here, and very sunny. It felt so good to rest when our morning work was done...
Kimberly Wimberly, jungle farmer extraordinaire:
Looking closer at the nature around:Maman has two solar cookers which she brought from Spain. They even work on cloudy days!
And my obsession with color continues...
Feet while eating:
Marisa, getting in a good scratch (biting insects everywhere!)
This evening we did a number of circle dances on the lawn, led by Maman.
We watched the full moon rise, and howled.
After dinner we sung songs to the moon, and to our tiny fire. We burned affirmations of fears we are letting go, manifesting that those dark places inside us be filled with the moon's light.

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