Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 55

I woke up early and popped down to the kitchen to get breakfast ready for Marcelo and I. We hopped into the car and headed to town to pick up Jon at the bus station in Obera just after 8.Standing in front of the double-decker bus, I was looking through the windows, trying to see who was getting off… no one I recognized. And then he appeared, standing in line, looking around. I let out a little squeal and raced toward him. I don’t think he saw me until I started hugging him, and we didn’t stop for a long time. Another member of our new tribe arrived today with Jon too! Tom, one of Jess’ good friends from Canada.

It is so amazing that he is actually here. The whole time I have been envisioning him here, since he came last fall, trying to imagine Mama Roja through his eyes. Now we get to experience it together first hand! What a wonder!

After doing some brief catch-up and checking in at Esso (will it be everyone’s favorite hot-spot?) we headed to the grocery store for provisions, and to Refugio Verde for some forgotten items from the other night before returning home.

Four of our members left today after lunch. Marisa, Coop, and Jo are headed to Rainbow with Kim and Marcelo before they go onward. Hopefully we’ll see them in a few days when we arrive! Clay left later in the afternoon on his way to Rosario before he returns to Canada.

Over the month we collectively made all of these spoons!
And Marcelo taught us a new special way to drink maté: maté cocido! It involves hot coals, so naturally I am drawn to it. I like to live on the edge!
Marisa and Coop, packing...
And Clay reading before his departure...
Everyone left just after lunch. The changing of the guard has begun...
So, now it is Jess and Tom, Jon and Me, here on the farm, taking care of the animals, relaxing, settling in. It’s raining cats and dogs here, so we’re not feeling much like setting up tents. Jon and I are going to make the cosmic cabin, which he built while here, into our home for the time being. The roof leaks, so we have put Keren’s tarp over it to keep our bed dry. We have yoga mats and sleeping pads stacked up on the bed frame (because we don’t have a mattress yet)… hopefully it will be comfy enough for tonight! The biggest challenge was getting the door on its hinges. We finally have, but it doesn’t close all the way. Still, it’s better than no door. And now we are done, and it’s nice to have time just to do nothing at all. We had a lovely dinner of leftovers and went to sleep early. I know that Jon and Tom are tired after two days of traveling!

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