Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 39

Spending the day here today was wonderful, and so needed. It was such a treat to have a day to dedicate to doing art, relaxing, swimming. I did a craniosacral session with Kim in the morning, a very different one than I have ever done, and it was really interesting to just flow with what happens and get deeper into the trusting that it is right.

Jess and I made a big budin de pan (bread pudding) out of the leftover crusty bread from our pizza party the other night. We didn’t have any milk, so we made our own out of sesame seeds and almonds, and added some sunflower oil, sugar, spices (canela, clove, allspice, cardamom, star anise, and orange peel), and soaked raisins in whiskey. Gosh, it was good!

I learned a new macramé weave from Marisa, and we all made bracelets by the river. We cooked lunch and dinner, relaxed in the hammock, and worked on stitching together another art project that has been long overdue.

Because the last movie nights have been heavy and depressing, we decided to watch a fun movie. Harold and Maude was our choice, and we watched it on my computer through Coop’s ipod which it was stored on… very cool! Technology is amazing. Gosh.

Clay left us today. He left without saying goodbye, which was strange. It somehow feels unfinished because of that, but in some ways it also brought our group together and helped us congeal more, which has been wonderful. Lots of change…

Marisa has been working diligently on her lovely spoon:
I’m wishing we had a few more days off to just do everything we wish. I don’t think I’m ready to get back to work yet. It’s funny that one day off doesn’t leave me feeling that way, but two does. It’s like I just barely get a taste of freedom before it gets snatched away again (that said, I do, of course, know that I am always free…)

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